men oily skin

“Beautiful” men and men’s charm

Notice another point here masculine skins are thicker than women skins, to guys the signs of aging come slower but they have more active sebaceous glands and larger pores, and
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antiaging men's acne skin

You can’t hide acne skin with a beard, Real men take care of their skin

Our skin condition impacts our mood and confidence. Skin care isn't only for women. Men too need to take care of their skin.
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What’s the difference between Hydrating and Moisturizing? -Belovion antiaging tips

Maybe you think that hydrating is to replenish external water into the skin. that’s mistaken. The external water is all macromolecular moisture, it cannot enter the skin without special process.
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herbal ingredients

What ingredients do you like to use for skin care(antiaging)?

What is the difference between protein, amino acid, and peptide? Amino acids are dehydrated and condensed to form polypeptides, which will fold to form proteins. Collagen, as a functional protein,
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herbs help for antiaging

What ingredients or herbs fulfilled your skin requirement? Belovion suggests some for you-

– Whitening ingredients: nicotinamide; Glutathione; resveratrol; arbutin – Pimple healing: salicylic acid; fermented yeast; centella; calendula – Hydration ingredients: hyaluronic acid; allantoin; squalene; hydrolyzed collagen; ceramide – Sensitive healing: centella;
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Belovion 20 seconds to teach you how to differentiate your skin type!

Do you know your skin type? 1)Oily skin vs dry skin. T zone dry, both cheeks are dry, is dry skin; T zone oily, both cheeks are oily, is oily
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