Edible dosage and method


If the weight is about 60 kg or less, 4 capsules/day;if the weight is about 75 kg, 5 or 6 capsules/day;if the weight is 85 kg or more, 7, 8 capsules/day.Frail members need to slowly increase the normal amount from 1 capsule, and don’t be greedy fast.

Edible method: One hour before going to bed at night for the best effect

Can placenta be eaten for a long time? Will there be dependencies?


You can eat for a long time without dependence

Why there is conditioning phenomenon after taking placenta?


This is the major feature of placenta, and it also allows customers to truly feel the effects of placenta. After taking placenta for 3 days, the conditioning phenomenon will gradually appear, and some will be even faster.

Why did I respond when I first ate placenta, but did not respond after I ate it? Is it no longer effective?


No. The conditioning response was concentrated in the first half year, and there will also be conditioning responses in the second half, but not as frequent as the first half.

Any food or drugs conflicts with taking placenta?


Placenta does not conflict with any food, medicine (Traditional Chinese Medicine, western medicine), strong tea, coffee, spirits, etc. It can be taken at the same time without affecting the efficacy.

How long do I need to take placenta?


  1. Sub-healthy body: it takes one year.
  2. Physical illness: need to take two years.
  3. I was in poor health before, and I want to maintain a stable body state: long-term use.
  4. Those who need to keep their appearance young, like injection-type sheep placenta, please consider take placenta for a long time.

Why choose sheep?


Sheep are one of the most stable food chains for humans. Scientists have confirmed that the cell structure of sheep embryos is very similar to human body.

What is the difference between embryonic products and placental products?


A. The cost of embryos is high, and the cost of placenta is low.
B. Embryos are rich in all the materials needed by the living body, and the placenta is the transfer medium between the mother and the fetus.
C. Embryo active substance is stronger.

Why do embryo products choose Made in China?


A. Currently, the products that use sheep embryos as raw materials, from testing, batch number to raw materials and final processing, the whole chain can only be realized in few countries, such as Switzerland and China.

B. China has a huge raw material base, and China can supply raw materials for embryo products.

Is Made in China credible?


A. China’s food processing industry supervision is far from a decade ago, and the cost of fake and counterfeiting is getting higher and higher. From the laws and regulations to the supervision process, through the densely deployed cameras in China, the whole process of transparent supervision is achieved.

B. The production technology of China has long been an international leader in the world. “Cryogenic critical extraction technology” can be achieved in a few countries around the world, including China.

The issue of killing


POWER raw materials are obtained through the normal food chain every year, and not exclusively for the purpose of obtaining embryos. Mutton is one of the indispensable food chains for mankind. The annual human demand for mutton is very large. During this process, the pasture won’t identify the ewes who just become pregnant. According to the annual demand for mutton in the food chain, the flocks of old need to be sent to the slaughterhouse, this precious drug was throw away before the sheep embryos were recycled. Currently we are purchase embryo raw materials in limited quantities each year.