Do you know your skin type?

1)Oily skin vs dry skin. T zone dry, both cheeks are dry, is dry skin; T zone oily, both cheeks are oily, is oily skin; T zone a bit oily, two cheeks are a bit dry, is combination dry skin; T zone oily, two cheeks are bit oily, is combination oily skin.

2)Sensitive vs non-sensitive. Skin easily get red, itchy, tingling, even often appear acnes, this kind of situation is considered sensitive skin condition. On the contrary is non-sensitive skin condition.

3)Melanin precipitation vs not easy become dark skin. In the sun for a while, skin easily become dark or generate dark spot, acne scar, that’s consider melanin precipitation. Or else is melanin none-precipitation condition, eg: people who has good metabolism, their skin will recover from sunburn faster and flawlessly.

4)Aging vs skin firm. If you skin starts to have wrinkles, sagging and skin become dullness, that is aging skin condition, and vice versa is young firming skin condition.

understand your skin type, better for analyzing the antiaging solutions.

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