men oily skin

Notice another point here masculine skins are thicker than women skins, to guys the signs of aging come slower but they have more active sebaceous glands and larger pores, and some of guys spend a lot of time in city with dirty air or operate outside in worse conditions which will probably accumulate lots of dirt on the face skin and cause irritation for oily skins, also shaving bring strain to skin too. But, here are a few things we can do to look fresher– you need to wash and cleanse the face twice daily, and use a nice essence after that. You might want to invest in a moderate chemical exfoliation and some hydration essence that is rich in retinol and hyaluronic acid if you want to add something more to your routine. These are the key aspects of every anti-aging therapy, but you have to look for your skin type before you do anything so that you will not buy items which are not right for it.

Another important element is sunscreen! It is the foundation of skincare routine, Men certainly have a thicker skin, which is less prone to skin burning and pigmentation due to the harmful rays of the sun. But with a sun screen in the morning and an essence at the night, the early signs of ageing can be tone and your skin can also be protected and achieve slower the antiaging. And Sunburns can also cause skin cancer; it is time that men understand the importance of sunscreen and start applying it on a regular basis. try to avoid the oily texture sun’s cream, which the SPF below 50 and PA+++, Honestly it works miracles you’ll feel the dullness evaporating and growing freshness that will make you more confident.

Guys may have sensitive skin too as skin conditions don’t make a gender difference and in this stressful lifestyle you might get dark circles and you probably don’t want to show it and to look fresher and confident  you can simply apply some concealer and Tadah! You’ve got it. You can also check out the concealers on our shopee store too ( ).

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