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Why Partner with Us

Belovion is a company controls the production source, because we need to control the product quality and the product cost. With these conditions we have the ability to share our gain with you.


  1. Instant approval upon registration.
  2. No stock inventory requirement, simply share your link / flyer, and earn commissions for any sales completed.
  3. Pay less to have the premium products for you and loved one.
  4. Eligible to Wholesale POWER sheep embryo placenta.

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  1. Register an Affiliate account for yourself.
  2. No minimum purchase required.
  3. Set up Paypal, you will receive cash back through Paypal processing.

Having an account allows you to see how much commissions you are generating, and when your next withdrawal can be made, and even the conversion rates for your referrals!

How It Works

  1. Upon Affiliate account activation, login to your account to obtain your exclusive affiliate link and marketing banner / flyer.
  2. Select your preferred flyer from a range of marketing materials in your account.
  3. Refer your affiliate link / marketing banner to friends and family by posting  on your social media, group chat, email, etc.. 
  4. Sit back, relax and earn commission from any sales made through your affiliate link.

Earn up to 15% on every valid referrals

Get up to 15% commissions on every successful referral. Best of all your commissions are recurring with each renewal and upgrade.

FREE to Join, No Requirements, No Fees. Log in to your Account Manager to retrieve your special affiliate link flyer.

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